About Learners Guild

There’s a well-worn path that leads to great careers in tech. The problem is that it’s closed to all but a privileged few. We’re blazing an entirely new path, clearing obstacles and inviting trailblazers of all kinds to come with us.

Learners Guild is public benefit corporation based in Oakland, Ca that seeks out those with the desire and grit to become professional software developers and invests in them, providing the resources they need to transform themselves and their lives during our 40-week, on-site program. We invest in high potential aspiring software developers, regardless of education background or financial resources. Our Learners can elect to receive a stipend for living expenses while in the program and pay for the program by sharing a percentage of their income if they get a job earning over $50,000 after leaving the Guild.

Traditionally, learning has been a one-way street. Schools get paid whether students meet their goals or not. All of the risk is on them. We think learning should be a collaboration: a community investing in learners and only succeeding when they win. We think commitment not privilege should determine success.

Learners Guild is a holacratic organization, thriving on each staff member operating autonomously and responsibly in a system of distributed authority. We are building a new on-ramp to 21st century careers, and we invite you to build it with us.

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