About Learners Guild

17 million young people in the US are unemployed. At Learners Guild, we’re tackling that problem by building a fellowship of aspiring software developers designed to scale rapidly. The market is desperately looking for more engineering talent, and aspiring engineers are eagerly seeking training programs that actually prepare them for the work world. Higher education isn’t solving the problem of unemployment and economic disenfranchisement; it’s exacerbating it.

The founder of Dev Bootcamp, the for-profit coding bootcamp that invented an industry, and a team of industry experts are scaling the social impact and opportunity of bootcamp style code-learning to entirely new heights, with a strong focus on serving traditionally underserved student populations.

Learners Guild, a California B-Corp following the principles of holocracy, is a network of guild-style professional schools that transform students into high-skilled workers in one year. We have a unique financing model that aligns student and institutional success, and allows us to profitably recruit & train the most ambitious students, regardless of financial background. Together, we can transform the trillion dollar higher education market and fix the gap for talented software developers in the coming connected device era.

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